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Helluva Long Time

2010-10-08 12:20:28 by once4got10angel

It's been SO long since I did anything on here, so I'm finally gonna upload some pictures I've done... lol FINALLY! Well I plan on at the very least uploading artwork onto Newgrounds since I still haven't made any Flash videos that I care for. At least now I'll exist on Newgrounds right?

All things considered

2008-11-02 00:36:15 by once4got10angel

Not doing bad all in all. My boyfriend and I have been together now for over a year (yay for not failing)... Got my report card back and found out that my grades aren't slipping near as much as I expected for having 2 college level courses. (only one C in the bunch for AP Chem.)

Working on so many things at once that I think it's time to step back and prioritize...

I'm having way too much fun editing photos

All things considered

Countdown to School

2008-08-14 17:19:32 by once4got10angel

School's starting back up within the week... I don't think I had nearly the vacation I needed to wash the stench of the classrooms off of me, and now they throw me back into all of it. So. Not. Fair. Everyone else seems to have another week or two untilthey have to go back, but I guess us, with no natural disasters or understanding school administrators get the short end of the stick, up our asses XD.
Ugh, well now i must scramble to finish the obscene amount of homework that I had MAILED to my house AFTER school ended... very terribly wrong.

Wish me luck...

Countdown to School


2008-06-02 20:32:49 by once4got10angel

ugh this sucks. Not only has the end of the year come way too quickly for me to get half of what i want finsihed, I've also managed to drop my GPA enough that I migh tnot be able to be in all of the classes i signed up for for next year. Also I've got finals stating tomorrow and running until thursday (last day of school for this year) and I've got to get at least C's in two of my classes fo rthe credits to even count. Then I've got to take online Spanish to make up for the crapped ass grade i've managed to sink myself into getting. After all of that (which i've gotta say is a mouthful in itself) I've got to take the SAT's this saturday to be able to take the AP classes (which wont matter regaurdless if I don't manage the C's on my finals) Oh joy, this summer's gonna start up great.

Wish me luck, I've got to study before I forget everything i've been told I learned this year.


A new cousin

2008-05-26 10:25:27 by once4got10angel

Almost got my Flash working again (finally xD) and just in time for my new cousin's arrival. His name's Isaac and god he's so adorable! I've fallen in love with him already and he's only 4 days old. He's got a bunch of hair and these gorgeous black-blue eyes that i know are going to change but i really wish wouldn't. I can't wait to see who he ends up being!

On another note, now that i'm getting my flash working again I might be able to actually submit something for once, so look out for me. (or not...)

A new cousin

Well, it's finally happened, my Flash program that has worked so well for me for a solid 3 years has spontainiously decided it's not going towork anymore. Now any hope of finishing my projects for Newgrounds seems hopeless. Well maybe I'll get the chance to actually buy a new one and reinstall it on my PC... yes PC, i know i'm crazy for having Vista, but I don't care, it's the only system that I can properly use... even if it is very insane.